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Welcome to our Sidney Stringer Multi Academy Trust website.

The Trust was established by Sidney Stringer Academy in 2014  with Radford Primary School  and Ernesford Grange community Schools . In 2015  Alice Stevens Special school joined us and was renamed Riverbank and moved to share a new building with Ernesford.  In September 2015 Sidney Stringer Primary school joined and is  part of the Free School programme.

We have over 2,500 pupils in our Trust and employ over  300 teaching and support staff.  Our aim is for all the schools to be great schools and provide an education rated as "Outstanding" by Ofsted.   

Over the last few years we have worked together across the schools to support the transformation of standards at Riverbank, Ernesford Grange and Radford. We have a strong board of Directors and Members who hold the schools to account and  work closely with the Local governing bodies of each school who  support and challenge the outcomes and quality of teaching and learning.

As schools we are committed to sharing the good practice that exists in all of the schools and we have numerous opportunities for joint training days and shared professional development for support and teaching staff across our schools.  This is led by the Teaching and learning lead of the MAT  and supported by the teaching and learning leads in all of the schools.

One of the  benefits of being a MAT is the opportunity to  benefit from economies of scale and we have many  posts now where staff work across all of the schools. This includes a English and Maths leads, Educational Psychologist, Educational Welfare officer, Careers Advisor, Finance staff and also a  shared Catering provider.

As more schools join our trust we are committed to expanding this as we believe that by doing so we can save more money to spend on teachers and staff in the classroom. We are proud of the way that  in the first few years of being a Trust we have worked well together to help raise standards in all of our schools.

We care about all of the children in all of our schools and  are committed to doing all that we can to help and support each other.

Wendy Tomes
Executive Principal

Sidney Stringer Academy
Telephone 02476251756
mobile 07789797073
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sidney Stringer Academy is one of the TOP 8% of schools in the country for Pupil Progress and one of the TOP 5% for progress in Maths.